Decoration range

A trendy look for these home décor pieces, each featuring a collectible image … these comfy treasures have already garnered a cult following.



The Giftware collection yields a few surprises—microfiber velvet cushions bearing striking images to whisk you away on a journey through time, culture and art. To take them home is to welcome history inside!

Products details :
• Cushion CCA printed velvet microfiber 50cm x 50cm
• Cushion CRA printed velvet microfiber 55cm x 35cm

Hand, guest & bath towels


Delightfully unusual, these towels made of microfiber velvet (80% polyester 20% polyamide) are bound to surprise. On the one hand, they’re made of eco-friendly, hygienic material that is light and practical—in a word, contemporary; on the other, they bear beautifully printed images from a bygone era worthy of the world’s greatest museums.

Products details :
• Bath towel JSA printed velvet microfiber 170cm x 90cm
• Hair towel SA printed velvet microfiber 50cm x 95cm
• Hand towel GA printed velvet microfiber 32cm x 48cm

Upcoming collections : porcelain for all occasions, crystal revisited by Oldregime, wallpaper and cloth wallhangings, scents of yore etc.…