Accessories range

A range of scarves and shawls in fine silk and soft wool, woven in the French region of Lyons and printed with depictions of courtly figures from the epic, refined and romantic history of France.


Scarves & Shawls

For 2016, our “accessories” line draped itself in silk and wool to depict a series of historical figures straight out of the 17th century—many of them scions of French royalty, the Dauphins and Dauphines of France.

Products details
• Shawl FS 100% printed silk 90cm x 90cm
• Scarf ES 70% Wool 30% printed silk 150cm x 90 cm

Upcoming collections : historically-themed cotton tagelmust scarves in colors and B&W; nightwear, including pajamas and nightgowns; blankets and throws; leather and leathergoods…