Oldregime Collections

Oldregime’s product lines:
Gift Items, Home Décor, Accessories, and Fashion United in drawing on the classical artistic heritage of France. Created to fit seamlessly into modern life, our products are designed in France and produced in Europe, 80% of them in France itself. You might say they are France.

About the collection

For our collection, we have drawn on the 17th century, exploring its treasures in our product lines via images from the past that resonate with the contemporary world. A number of court portraits, representing the Royal Dauphins and Dauphines of France and artists like Lepautre, the Stella family and Claude Lorrain are highlighted in this unique collection.

With our American friends especially in mind, we created our “Lafayette” collection in honor of the General and Marquis, famous on both sides of the Atlantic as a symbol of good will between France and the US.

It is a joy to launch our products in America under the auspices of this historic legacy, whose vibrancy is undimmed by the centuries. Our collections will grow with the passing seasons, building up to a well-feathered nest of decorative treasures. Among our rich subject matter, we shall soon look to Versailles porcelain, Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon and the Stella family as we extend the children’s line, table linens, scents of yore etc.